Saturday, March 17, 2012

*NEW* Table Top Butterfly Atrium For SUYS!

This month's theme is Spread Your Wings. With spring almost here, all I can think about is being outside in the fresh air & watching the butterflies. So, I thought why not bring that into SL? Now you can have your very own taste of spring right inside your house! The table top butterfly atrium is only 15 prims & comes in white or dark wood. You can get them this weekend for only L$150 each. Also, this is the last 2 days of the in world store closing sale. If you haven't already, don't forget to grab everything for 50-75% off! Sunday night I will tear everything down & start uploading to market. Also please join the inworld group to keep up to date on new releases etc. The sign is on the desk when you walk in. Have a fab weekened!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Time to say goodbye...

Hello lovelies. I write this with a heavy heart, but also with the hope & promise of new beginnings. La'Licious will be closing it's doors in world March 20, 2012. It has been a wonderful 3 plus years, but they time has come to say goodbye. I have marked down everything in the store, 50-75% off. (Homes included) There are also a few freebies thrown in here and there. ;) I will put most stuff on Market & still participate in SUYS each month. The in world location will host the update group as well as the house rezzer platform. Thank you all so very much for everything. I will miss you. XoXo
♥ Amali

Saturday, January 28, 2012

*NEW* So Boho Reading Nook

It's time to Spruce Up Your Space again! The theme this month is designer's choice. The So Boho Reading nook fits perfectly in any space, has animations for 2 avi's and is mod for you to make t your own. Available this weekend for only $L150. Taxi here!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

*NEW* Winter Memories Table

Happy Holidays everyone! Today is SBS & I made a sweet little table that reminded me of winter. I will leave it out a little longer due to the holiday, so when you are back in world feel free to grab it for just L$60. Stay safe & keep warm!
<3 Amali

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

*NEW* Family Home

I built this home with SL families in mind. Here is a list of the features & what is included with the house.

House with doors: 329 prims
3 bedrooms
1 1/2 bath
Living room
Dining room
Large Kitchen
Laundry room
Sun room
Movie theater

* All windows open & close on touch.
* Tint house any shade you want.
Furniture/Accessories included with house:
* Theater seats hold 15 avis with 4 animations built into each seat. Touch the side of the row of seats for a drink to wear. Touch back of seat for texture change menu. Touch seat for animation menu.
* Theater screen is mod & works with your DVD player. Just touch the screen to bring up the menu.
* Popcorn machine touch to turn on/off. Touch bag of popcorn for your own.
* Fireplace
* Bookshelf with swimming fish located in the contents. Just drag & drop it in to the bowl.
* Laundry set includes 4 animations
* 2 topiaries for the front porch
* Optional porch lights

ALL furniture & accessories mentioned above that are included with the house are NO COPY. See it in world now.
<3 Amali

Sunday, November 27, 2011

*NEW* Holiday Trees!

Happy Sunday! Just in time for the holidays, the trees are ready. :) The trees are mod so you can make them your own. Sit on the tree topper for tree trimming animation.
*Also today is the last day of the 50% off sale. Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Store Sale!

Hi all! In honor of Black Friday, I have decided to have a weekend long sale at the store. Starting today all homes, Delilah's greenhouse package (with all the furniture), & all furniture sets are 50% off!
Happy Shopping!

TP to store in world.